HOW TO: Making a Custom Paint Booth with Lights!

Bill made a super handy custom paint booth to help him paint more safely in the shop AND ventilate the laser cutter at the same time! Follow along to see how Bill makes this one-of-a-kind piece.

Leather Basics: Tools, Tooling, and Techniques!

Bill learns some leather working basics from his buddy Gregg of Bjorn’s Workshop, our local (not for long) leather expert! Together they cover some beginner tools and techniques and make Bill an awesome holster!

What do I BUY? Tools Every Prop & Costume Maker Needs to Own

Today we dive into a topic that’s near and dear to Bill’s heart… tools! When you’re getting started with prop and costume making it can be tricky to figure out which tools to buy first, so we put together a list of must have tools, plus some buying advice.

How to Use a Laser Cutter – Basics Tutorial

A laser cutter is an invaluable tool for any shop, especially our prop and costume making workshop. Bill goes over the basic techniques needed to cut out a variety of materials like EVA foam, wood, and plastics on a hobby sized laser cutter.

123 Blocks for Prop and Costume Making

Bill frequently gets questions about the metal blocks that he uses in his prop and costume making videos. What are they? 123 Blocks of course! In this video Bill shows some useful tips for using these handy tools on your projects. Also: Bench cookies!