This page is to help you along in your quest to create something awesome using your Cosplay Companion Notebook!


Here are some prompts, links, videos, Maker Allies, and products that we think will help you out as you work hard on your latest project!

Prompts for your Build Review:

  • What are you most proud of in your new build?

  • What was the hardest moment to push past when working on this project? How did you push past it?

  • What was your favorite material to work with? Least favorite?

  • What was something really cool that you learned while working on this project?

  • What was something you were really scared to try during this build? Was it as hard or scary as you thought it would be? What was different?

  • Was there a moment when you considered giving up on your project? What helped you push past that moment?

  • Did you receive help or information that completely changed the outcome of your project? What help or info did you get?

  • If You could give yourself one piece of advise for your next project, what would it be?

  • Did you have to get a new tool to complete your project? How did this new tool change your build experience?

  • What’s your least favorite part of your build? If you were to go back and make changes, how would you improve this part with the knowledge you have after finishing?

  • Was there a particularly ridiculous or funny moment during your build? What happened?

  • What is your favorite tiny detail on your costume? Favorite large detail? Why?

Suggested Videos:

Helpful Products: