Foamsmith: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes

Learn everything you need to fabricate, paint, and wear your stunning foam armor creations! You’ll be introduced to basic tools to work with EVA foam floormats. Then, you’ll learn how to make armor templates and combine the foam pieces together. Go over painting techniques and how to add straps to your armor. Also, learn how to add lights to your amazing costume!

Foamsmith 2: How to Forge Foam Weapons

Following the break out success of my first big book release, Foamsmith: How to Create Foam Armor Costumes, I knew that I needed to cook up something even more epic for the next installment. That’s exactly what I did with Foamsmith 2.

Cheap, durable foam weapon props.

This new book is filled with a whole new set of tutorials and tips designed to show you how to build your next incredible prop project!


The first section of this book is devoted to teaching you the advanced techniques you’ll need to make that perfect prop accessory for your amazing cosplay creation. Building on what you learned from the first Foamsmith book, these tutorials will push you further and introduce you to new tools that will push your prop making game to the next level.

Full Build Descriptions

I know that practical application can be an invaluable tool in the learning process. I wrote not one, but two full builds in this book. These builds are extremely thorough and will give you deep insight into how I approach the creative prop making process.

Free Blueprints

You heard me right. This book comes with a pair of free digital blueprint files! These files correspond with the builds and can be used to follow along.

More Free Weapon Blueprints!