Star Wars the Force Awakens: Rey’s “LPA NN-14” Blaster


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I had a feeling I would want to build something from the newest Star Wars movie. It turns out I was right! You know I love me some space guns, and the blaster that Han Solo gives to Rey was an exceptional piece for my collection.

Since we’ve been doing a lot of 3D printing lately, I wanted to use this project as a chance to dust of my 3D modeling skills. Designing the pieces so that they would both be good for 3D printing and for molding and casting was a really fun challenge!

Check out the selection of videos below to check out a recap of the full build as well as bits and pieces of the process including sanding 3D prints, molding and casting the parts, and painting the metallic finish.


That Metal Finish

One of the most difficult things to accomplish on this project was the metallic finish. My videos do a pretty good job of explaining the process, but if you want the real nuts and bolts, check out this article I wrote for the folks at Tested.