Cosplay Companion Notebook – HOME Edition (V 2.5)


Now in PDF format!
(click for instruction video)
Design | Plan | Build | Improve

This notebook is your new cosplay best friend. Set goals, track your budget, store your notes, designs, and more! One notebook holds the entire lifespan of a project, from ideation to retirement.

Don’t drown in to-do lists and sticky notes! Stay on track and keep a record of all your years of work with the Cosplay Companion Notebook.

New format can be printed safely at home, the office, library, or anywhere printing services are offered!


The Ultimate Costume Planning Tool – Printed Safely at HOME

This notebook has everything you need to plan a costume from start to finish, and now it’s available in PDF format so you can print it from anywhere!

  • Available in US Letter and A4 format
  • Print in landscape for a centerfold booklet or in single pages to put in a binder
  • Larger notebook provides more room for notes and concepts
  • Guided costume planning
    • Set goals
    • Design your costume
    • Plan your budget
    • Create To-Do lists
    • Track your hours
    • Review your build
  • 1 notebook = one costumes lifetime!

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