Foamsmith Utility Knife 5 Pack


What’s better than your new favorite utility knife?

5 of them!


One for the shop, one for the garage, maybe an extra for the shop just in case, one for at home, one for the car for emergencies… It’s up to you where to keep your new hoard of fantastic and useful blades. Maybe you and 4 friends want to go in on some great utility knives together – that’s a great option too!

275 in stock


Your new favorite utility knife x5!

This Punished Props branded utility knife is one of the nicest we’ve used, and we’re stoked to offer it to you! The knife has a few awesome features:

  • Sturdy body made of ABS plastic
  • TPE soft handle
  • Distinct black, 18mm high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Auto locking feature for easy use
  • Built-in blade snapping tool

The snap-off, replaceable blade means you won’t ever have to buy a new handle! If your blade grows dull, simply snap off the top-most section and use the new section to make nice sharp cuts again. And now you’ll have 5 of them! you’re set for a long time and a LOT of projects.