How to 3D Model Props – A Beginner’s Guide to Fusion 360 – Video Course


Learn the basics of Fusion 360 and start modeling & 3D printing your own custom made props today!


3D printing has changed the way we make props and it’s a ton of fun. Making your own custom 3D models from scratch can be a difficult and technical process. We’ve put together this course to teach absolute beginners how to model their own custom props using Fusion 360. Fusion (a CAD modeling program) can be extremely intimidating, so we designed our 4 hour course to cover only the basic tools needed to start producing 3D models right away.

Chapters Include:

  • How to install Fusion 360 for free (as a hobbyist)
  • Fusion 360 Interface
  • Components
  • Reference Images
  • Bodies
  • Sketches
  • Forms
  • Project Example: Hellboy Bullet
  • Project Example: Luke’s RoJ Lightsaber
  • Project Example: Noisy Cricket

Included in your download:

  • 4 Hours of instructional video (m4v).
    • No DRM: Play them on any device!
  • 3 Example projects.
  • Project reference images and example STL files.